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Save On Prescriptions!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Many special needs persons are on medication to help control symptoms of their diagnosis.

Many families do not have insurance coverage and the costs can be astronomical and financially draining.

So, is it really possible to get medications for less or free that can be very much needed for many?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is it takes a lot of digging and searching.

As Jessica recently had to switch medications for her youngest it was extremely costly for out-of-pocket expenses without any insurance coverage. So she went digging!

Below are links to websites that offer assistance programs free to Canadians for help with covering costs of brand-name prescription drugs.

Below is the Government Of Canada Website that has information on programs offered per province.

Guidelines and availability do differ per province and locations of pharmacies please check your area and suppliers.

Other options for helping cover prescription costs can be:

Free samples from your physicians Monthly coverage cards from physicians Ask your pharmacies what programs they support or offer Watch for coupons

Always remember your Healthcare professionals are there to help you just have to ask.

Our workbook can help you track and update others on important information such as medication.

Love Jessica and Julia

Disclaimer: Please take a moment to review the disclaimer that follows: We are not psychologists, doctors, or even claim to play one through any aspect. The purpose of our Parent’s Survival Resource and Connection Group is to share our experiences, resources, and other information we have collected over the years to make life easier while navigating this process. If you are seeking consultation or a professional opinion, please reach out to your local medical professional providers to achieve your families’ goals and help with any concerns.

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