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Here To Help

Resources found here are links to various Non-Profit and Community organizations that we have had the pleasure of connecting with and donating our workbook to. While we do not endorse any one specific resource, we are a firm believer of working together to help connect Parents, Aides, Families, Etc. with resources needed to help our loved ones. We do encourage others to check out what they may be able to help you with.


Being Your Best Advocate


Learn about being your best advocate

Being Your Best Advocate- Organization


Learn how to create an organization system, why it is important and where to use it.

Being Your Best Advocate - 
Creating a Survival Organization Binder



In this video you will find tips and tricks to creating your own binder organization system.

Being Your Best Advocate- Talking To Professionals


Learn how to talk to professionals, why it is important and how to effectively advocate.