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One Tiny Drop Can Create a Lasting Ripple

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A woman hugging a disable child

What is Drops Of Hope Project ?

Hope can make a rough situation more bearable but also can eventually improve a life. It helps to enable envisioning a better future motivating oneself to take the steps to make it happen.

Many caregivers and the adults affected by disabilities often make sacrifices like, "Do we go without food so my loved one gets the item they need to thrive, such as a speech device, therapy, etc."


The Drops of Hope program is designed to relieve and support the pan disability community with items and programs that will make a difference which they may not be able to obtain on their own.

Why Do We Do These Programs?

Stresses in daily life of a caregiver can be liken to PTSD because they are always in a state of flight or fight. According to Statistics Canada, General Social Survey, 2018. In 2018, 32% of caregivers who received insufficient support said that they were dissatisfied with life, 36% reported that most days were quite a bit or extremely stressful, and 23% reported fair or poor mental health

- Statistics Canada, General Social Survey, 2018.

What Programs Are Under The Drops Of Hope Project ?

The Drops Of Hope Wish Book

Small Drops - These drop amounts start at $1.00 and they do not go over $250.00.
Medium Drops - These drop amounts are between $250.00+ - $600.00
Large Drops - These drop amounts are $600.00+ 

We will also accept the physical items if you like to donate to a specific wish book participant.

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