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Our Mission

Prevention before it Becomes an Emergency. 


PSRCS works to improve the well-being / mental health of individuals with disabilities and those who support them through Empowerment, Connection and Guidance. To equip each person with the necessary skills, resources and tailored help they need to thrive.

To Offer Programs & Services that include:

  • Tailored Assistance, Guidance & Mentorship 

  • One to one connection 

  • Meetups & Workshops

  • Event & Information Sessions

  • Provide advocacy between resource places & agencies

  • And more

Five Pillars of PSRCS

About Us

#Accessibility Image Description: two women wearing glasses in onesie pajamas, smiling and holding coffee mugs

Julia and Jessica are two mothers that became parents at a very young age. They continue to navigate the trials of having children diagnosed with a variety of special abilities. They came together as friends in university and began to discuss their children and the struggles surrounding the process. Through this they became a support system for each other along each step of their children’s journey to diagnosis.

Julia a mother of many talents has worked her way through advocating and helping other parents navigate through the process of community, educational and government supports. She is always open to helping others.

Jessica is a mom of seven children. She writes about her journey and struggles as a mother which provides an anecdotal look into her life.

Over the years they have both suffered losses of family supports, jobs, finances, and friends. Having a child with special needs can take over every second, minute and hour of a day that some may not understand.

Today diagnosing and receiving help for our children can seem like a massive, terrifying task, however; they have come together with tips, tricks, and resources that worked for them.

We have been there!

Meet The Board Of Directors 

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