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Educational Questions!

We recently reached out to the CBE regarding our workbook and how it can a great resource for teachers and other educators to help parents nagivate when concerns are noticed. We will just say the response was less than what we expected. As seen below:

“Hello, Thank you for your email and your interest in sharing information with schools. However, your submission does not meet our criteria. To share information with schools, submissions must align with the Alberta Curriculum of studies and be applicable to the education of kindergarten to Grade 12 students in the Calgary Board of Education. Information submitted, if approved, is posted on an internal website for staff to access educational resources to supplement and enhance classroom learning. We do not promote parent resources. Regards, Corporate Partnerships The Calgary Board of Education”

Jessica’s response: I’m sorry say what??? As a parent of special needs parent resources are what keeps us going! This is what is wrong with education system and goes to show just how far parents need to go to seek help! One of the first places things were noticed was in school and nothing is worse than not being able to find the help kids and parents desperately need. Julia’s response: So I have been a huge advocate for my daughter and many student’s families on trying to work with schools, teachers and the school board since day one of diagnosis. I feel I have had great sucess with amazing teachers, aids and principals in working together. Tonight we recieved a sad reminder on how much work there is to help bridge the gap between the educational system and the resources they have and the resources that are actually required to help the families who have children with disabilities.

And then we received this from the Ministry of Education

The Honourable Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education, forwarded your email regarding your resource, Keeping Your Sh*t Together: A Workbook to Help Organize the Chaos Through Diagnosis to staff for response. Please understand that Alberta Education develops the curriculum and may authorize learning and teaching resources for use in schools, while local school authorities are responsible for how the curriculum is implemented. School authorities have the autonomy, flexibility and responsibility to determine which supports, resources or programs are most appropriate for their students and school community. Teachers use their professional judgment to determine how students achieve the learning outcomes in the provincial curriculum. You may wish to connect with school authorities about your workbook to support current Kindergarten to Grade 12 provincial curriculum. Their contact information is available at Alberta Schools and school authorities.

This is a list of approximately 500 authorities and since we are extremely passionate about what it takes to communicate, support and effectively have children thrive you better believe we are working on connecting with them all.

Also with this a new workbook is in the works! We are seeking suggestions, responses and support from parents to ensure we cover the basis of what is needed or expected based on parental views. So here is a few questions we have to ask.

What would be or was your initial questions? What resources did you or would you expect a school to be aware of? What are some resources, advice or things you wish you knew when communicating or working with School system? If your a teacher or aide in the system what do you find helpful or wonder about that could be different when working with the parents?

Should you have any other thoughts or questions yourself that stands out to you feel free to leave answers here or direct message us through the contact page.

We look forward to continuing this journey to advocate and support others.

Love Jessica and Julia

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