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Seasonal SWEEPS

With the busy Christmas holiday season creeping up stress, anxieties and depression can become quite high.

We thought we would share SWEEPS:

S is for Sleep:

the holidays can be the most stressful time and sleep can elude us. ensure you are getting enough and resting when you can

W is for Work:

As important and necessary as it is; it is equally needed to take time off. It does not have to be a lengthy amount even a few hours or a single day can be enough to rejuvenate and keep going.

E is for Eat:

while taking care of everyone else we can forget to take care of ourselves. Make sure you are eating enough to sustain your body for the tasks ahead. set reminders, keep a snack in your bag or schedule time if you have to.

E is for Emotions:

As our emotions run high it can be hard to keep them in check and leveled. keeping in touch with yourself as to how or when you are feeling things helps better manage them

P is for Play:

Don't forget to have fun and get in touch with your inner child this season. from snowball fights, sledding, snow angels or a brisk winter walk having fun keeps the spirits up.

S is for SAY NO:

remember you do not have to attend every dinner, event, celebration or otherwise. listen to your body if it is saying no, you should verbalize this option.

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