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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

One..two..three..four..up and down and up and down! Phew!

Let your kids get their sweat on!

Exercise is a huge part of burning off some of the “extra gogo juice” they house. It is not only beneficial to their heart health but mental health as well.

Exercising frequently throughout the day can help mitigate hyperactive symptoms in kids. Although this should not be the first line of treatment, it should be used as part of the overall treatment plan.

It is said per one hour of exercise you can get up to one hour of good behavior from children with ADHD.

So let them run around the block! Time them, race them, or drive beside them (Jessica’s favorite) to make it more fun and encouraging.

Our workbook has planners to help keep things like this planned out for their routines.

Love Jessica and Julia

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