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Safety Plans

Safety is always a concern no matter what and safety for special needs is a high priority. You want to be able to feel confident in the plans you have for them.

When considering what may be a safety concern there are many factors to consider. Just a couple are physical abilities and cognitive abilities.

This may seem like common sense however it does get put on the back burner often until there’s an emergency that comes up.

Some common questions to ask yourself when considering this.

Do you have a safety plan? What does it look like? Does the person it’s for understand it? Is it something they can execute? Have you practiced it with them? Who all is involved in your plan?

What safety plans do you require for the person you are supporting?

It can seem like alot but having simple, easily accessible plans in place can make a world of difference for everyone.

Our workbook holds three safety plan layouts that are easy to follow.

Safety plan for school. Safety plan for community outings. Safety plan for home.

Love Julia & Jessica

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