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Let’s talk food! We all like different things, sometimes it can be hard to choose what is best, what to avoid and in all honesty what kids will actually eat!

Recently Jessica was put in touch with a dietician for her youngest boy. He is diagnosed with ADHD severe mixed, DMDD, Anxiety, ODD and learning disorders. He is a handful.

His eating habits are one the most trying portions of raising him. One day he will eat something and the next time it’s made he hates it. His medications also affect his eating habits drastically which causes his weight to be lower than average.

So what has been recommended to do? What to avoid? What changes can help?

To help add calories remember the rule “Nothing Dry” finding ways to add a dip, spread or whatever is containing a “full fat” to each meal can help.

Meals are normally set at certain times however maximizing when he’s hungry has been recommended with larger, fuller meals when he would often only snack. Thos would include a protein and fiber choice.

Midday lunch he is supplemented by adding a meal replacement drink like Ensure. This gives him nutrients even though he is not consuming actual food.

Avoid processed foods, sugars and additives as much as possible. One major specific one is red dye. Studies have shown this affects children the most. It can alsolutely be hard to do but trying your best is what counts.

This is only a brief summary you can find more information on Canada Food Guide

Our workbook contains a sample food plan and blank sheets for planning your own meals.

Love Jessica and Julia

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