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What to share with your support? Is there such a thing as too much Info?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The short answer would be no. The more information you share with your supports the better care and decisions that are made to positively impact the individual.

So what information is crucial to share?

Below are some are the main topics we have found to better support everyone.

Expectations & Flexibility: What do you expect from your support? Where are you able to be flexible? What does your support expect from you? How flexible is your support in the event things do not go as planned?

Knowledge: How much do you know about the situation? What has worked prior? What has not worked prior?

Information: Has anything new developed? Have new behavior's or concerns risen? How has the last while been since your support was over?

Medical: Has a new diagnosis come into play? Have medications changed? Is there a new medical concerns in any form?

Likes & dislikes: HAs the individuals likes changed? Has there been new dislikes that trigger the individual?

About the individual: Provide an overview page, diagnosis, medications, medical professionals, schools anything that may be of importance to support your individual.

Clear payment information: How will funds be paid? When will funds be paid? How much will be paid?

Any paperwork you feel should be shared: This can be anything that has a record regarding the individual some examples are Capacity Assessments, Psycho-Educational Assessments, Individual Progress Plans and contracts with FSCD or PDD. Whatever you feel contains a substantial amount of information to aid in the support of your individual.

Remember the better informed everyone is the more personalized support can be done.

Two Microphones
Two Microphones

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