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The Role & The Feelings

The importance & feelings that come with the responsibility of being an trustee, guardian and advocate and be a long hard . Advocacy plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals within the disability communities can lead fulfilling lives and have access to necessary resources and support. Being a strong advocate for your loved one involves understanding their needs, speaking up for their rights, and working towards a more inclusive society where their abilities and contributions are recognized and valued. Here’s why advocating for a loved one with disabilities is so important:

Recognition of Rights

People with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Advocates help safeguard these rights by promoting awareness and supporting policies that prevent discrimination.

Access to Resources

Access to appropriate services and supports can significantly improve the quality of life for someone with disabilities. Effective advocacy ensures that these individuals receive the education, healthcare, therapy, and social services they need.

Inclusion and Participation

In order for society to be truly inclusive, people with disabilities should have the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of life. Advocates play a key role in eliminating barriers to inclusion, whether it's in schools, workplaces, or the community.


When you advocate for your loved one, you help empower them to make their own choices and direct their own lives to the extent possible. This fosters independence and self-confidence.


Educating others about disabilities helps combat ignorance and stereotypes. An advocate helps foster understanding and empathy within the community.

Support Networks

Building strong support networks is essential for both individuals with disabilities and their families. Advocacy opens doors to community resources and connections with others who share similar experiences.

Many times we as caregiver's having to look at the responsibility of applying to be a Guardian or trustee face strong emotions of guilt, denial or great sadness. In some cases we feel we are taking away our loved ones rights or they will end up hating us. But here are a few reasons to put your mind at ease to why the process of applying for guardian and trusteeship is a necessary and compassionate step:

  1. Protection: It ensures that your loved one's personal and financial needs are properly looked after.

  2. Legal Authority: As a guardian or trustee, you have the legal backing to make decisions on their behalf.

  3. Best Interest: You can ensure that all decisions made are in the best interest of your loved one.

  4. Prevent Exploitation: It helps protect your loved one from potential abuse or exploitation by others.

  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that someone who truly cares is in charge can bring peace of mind to you, your loved one, and other family members.

  6. Continuity of Care: It allows for continuity in managing their affairs without interruption.

Remember, this process is not about taking away rights; it's about ensuring care and protection when they are most needed. By being a proactive advocate, you can make a significant difference in your loved one's life and contribute to the creation of a society that values diversity and promotes equality for all its members.

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