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Support Groups Pros & Cons

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We all want to feel supported, heard and feel as though we are not alone.

Support groups can give the sense of all this and more, however much like anything else there are pros and cons to joining and interacting within these groups. Below is a few things we have identified by being a part of some.


  • Sense of belonging

  • Feeling heard

  • Similar situations with others

  • A place to vent where others truly understand

  • Mental health can be impacted positively

If you join a group and feel supported that is fantastic. Keep your interactions positive.


  • Varying personal opinions can cause conflict

  • Disagreements can become hurtful

  • Mental health can be impacted negatively

  • Feelings of not belonging or understanding

Always remember if you join a group that is meant to be supportive and you do not feel supported then that may not be the group for you.

There are so many out there now and not all of them are meant for everyone. Keep looking for that one that makes you feel positive.

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