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Public, Private, Home School?

Education is and will always be one of the most important things in a child's life.

Not only does it educate but offers socialisation, coping mechanisms for the outside world and so much more.

Lately there have been many, many posts surrounding which one is right. Some feel it is public, some private and some home school.

The true answer is, whatever works for your family.

Every individual family and child need to make the choice that works for them without judgement. We as adults know we all learn differently, it is the same for children.

What some feel is right for them may not feel right for another and that is perfectly okay. Support can be found within a difference of opinions. It gives more opportunities to learn and grow together.

Below are some informational links to help you view options of what is offered through CBE, CCSD, Home schooling getting started.

Remember whatever you choose you know your family and child best.

Parent’s Survival Team

Disclaimer: Please take a moment to review the disclaimer that follows: We are not psychologists, doctors, or even claim to play one through any aspect. The purpose of our Parent’s Survival Resource and Connection Group is to share our experiences, resources, and other information we have collected over the years to make life easier while navigating this process. If you are seeking consultation or a professional opinion, please reach out to your local medical professional providers to achieve your families’ goals and help with any concerns.


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