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Newly Launched & Coming Soon!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

We are so very excited about the new things that are in the works. So much is happening so quickly and we are grateful for every bit of it.


Parent’s Survival Connecting Aides & Parents This group is hosted by Parent’s Survival Resource & Connection Group. It is a place for aides and parents to connect with each other to better support those with special needs. If you are a parent looking to connect with an aide or an aide seeking employment this group is here to help with that.


We are setting up to be able to better offer services & online bookings with us for …

One to One connection, resource, and information Group information nights and meetups We work with other resource places to provide as much information and connection as possible

Provide mentorship for parents struggling with the process

In the meantime, we are available to help support anyone who needs it. Please reach out to us and we will help to the best of our knowledge and available resources.

We are also working on some pretty awesome ideas to continue offering more support and growth for others! Keep an eye on what is to come next!

Love Jessica (JN Supermom) & Shelly (Julia Strange)

Disclaimer: Please take a moment to review the disclaimer that follows: We are not psychologists, doctors, or even claim to play one through any aspect. The purpose of our Parent’s Survival Resource and Connection Group is to share our experiences, resources, and other information we have collected over the years to make life easier while navigating this process. If you are seeking consultation or a professional opinion, please reach out to your local medical professional providers to achieve your families’ goals and help with any concerns.

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