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Workbook Giveaway Update!

We graciously received two of our workbooks purchased and shipped to us by an amazing supporter of ours.

We are so very grateful for her donation and support with this project. We love you!

Now we are looking for homes for these beautiful treasures filled with support for special needs.

Your chance to enter has been extended and will run from January 23, 2022 to February 20, 2022. Draw will be February 27, 2022

Here are the updated rules: we cannot view every share, tag follow etc so please when done let us know!

Do one or two of the following below, we have two books to giveaway free and we need more entries.

Share our post: we want to give as many as we can the opportunity to have this!

Follow our blog: we post every Tuesday & important updates which there are some really awesome ones still coming!

Follow our facebook page: it is still small and not very active but we are just starting out, give us time!

Once you have completed your chosen option you are entered for your chance to win one of two. We will ship it and of course sign it if you would like!

If you don’t think you can utilize it that’s ok, maybe you know someone who can, so enter anyway!

We appreciate any and all support! We also have our go fund me continuing to be able to donate more copies!

Love Jessica & Julia

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