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What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is defined as one of the most common behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood.

There is an estimated 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults that have ADHD. One of the first signs in children is disruption in the classroom or problems with schoolwork. Although more common in boys, it does affect girls as well.

While each person will present differently there have become some known key factors that regularly show with this disorder.

Children with ADHD might have: • daydream lots • forget/lose things regularly • squirm/fidget • talk too much • make careless mistakes • take unnecessary risks • hard to resist temptation • trouble taking turns • difficulty getting along with others

Adults with ADHD might have: • Impulsiveness • Disorganization/problems prioritizing • Poor time management • Problems focusing on things • Trouble multitasking • Excessive activity/restlessness • Poor planning • Low frustration tolerance • regular mood swings • Problems following/completing tasks • Hot temper • Trouble coping with stress • Inattention for age • Difficulty listening • Impulsivity • Hyperactivity

Keep in mind not all factors may present and if you feel you or someone you love may suffer from ADHD please seek out medical advice from professionals.

Our workbook can help make beginning a diagnosis a bit less stressful.

Looking for a cute and simple book to explain how ADHD can affect a child's regular day? Check out Jessica's book based on her boys in a illustrated poetry style. Teacher Says

Love Jessica and Julia

Disclaimer: Please take a moment to review the disclaimer that follows: We are not psychologists, doctors, or even claim to play one through any aspect. The purpose of our Parent’s Survival Resource and Connection Group is to share our experiences, resources, and other information we have collected over the years to make life easier while navigating this process. If you are seeking consultation or a professional opinion, please reach out to your local medical professional providers to achieve your families’ goals and help with any concerns.

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