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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

We are so excited to announce we are being featured on The Calgary Citizen!

Insert our squeals here.. yes we squeal every time and loudly!

This Friday March 4, 2022. We will post links when it is available!

Right now celebrate with us!

As we stated yesterday Jessica met with Children’s Link Calgary, they are a non profit who “believes people thrive when they are supported, connected and encouraged” We are so pleased to announce our book is being added to their database of 6000+ resources. We are adding them to our resource page!

Alongside that it was confirmed today that our beautiful postcards we give with our book package will be set inside a pilot project through Children’s Link as well.

This initiative through them is “Love for Littles boxes” it is a package of resources and other donated items to provide parents some guidance when their child has been newly diagnosed. How amazing and beautiful is that! We are excited and honored to be a part of this!

We are continually looking for ways to get the book and other materials at no cost to as many as we can so….. We are also going to be starting a sponsor and donor page! Watch for details! If you’d like to become a sponsor or donor reach out to us! We are so overwhelmed and grateful for everything this book is bringing not just to us but to others.

We couldn’t do it without others!

Love Jessica and Julia

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