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Seeking Sponsorship & Donors!

Julia and Jessica have joined forces to create the Parent’s Survival Guide – Keeping Your Sh*t Together: A Workbook to Help Organize the Chaos Through Diagnosis.

We want to help support other parents of special needs children as we ourselves understand how hard this process can be.

Every book we give out, every promotion you see, everything you read is created to help parents communicate and advocate for their child in hopes that it will make approaching places flow more smoothly. Filled with our stories, tips, tricks, activities, resources and tools to help ease the everyday struggles of a diagnosis. As such we are looking for help to get the word out so we can support as many as possible.

Our workbook reach is growing faster than we anticipated.

We are looking for sponsorship from establishments and people. Each book has a base cost of $18.50 to donate.

With a donation to cover 10 or more workbooks we place the name and/or logo inside our packaging when they are donated. We also place the information on our website with a link to services.

Donors of any denomination will be added to our sponsors and donors page on our website unless you choose not to do so.

To date we have placed 33 workbooks with resources centres, schools, medical offices and parents with the support of others like you.

We have been receiving strong feedback feedback from educators, parents of special needs and those who work in the field. Here is a glimpse into what they are saying: – “Very useful workbook for raising a child with additional needs – Each chapter then has several useful worksheets to match: a concern tracker for behaviors or symptoms, health care information for obtaining a diagnosis, a support worker ad and planning sheets, meal planners and calendars, schedules and PECS, activities, and safety plans to name a few.” – “Seriously this book needs to be at doctor offices and phycologists even for people just to look through get wheels turning. There are so many what to do where to start after the diagnosis!!! – This book hands down is a great place to start ! Well done ladies! Wow! Nailed it! Seriously this would help out a mom not knowing where to start after a diagnosis!!! you need this in the clinic! Pediatric clinic! Children’s hospital gift shop”

We are working on compiling a list of places to contact, creating flyers and will be getting more postcards done soon.

We thank everyone for all their support as we continue to grow! You are all such amazing people.

Julia Strange & Jessica Nielsen (JN Supermom)

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