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Recycling For Impact

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Electronic Recycling Association Team Photo
The ERA Team

PSRCS is extremely grateful to Electronic Recycling Association for their donation of two laptops and a printer to help us support the disability communities in the office. This will enable us to complete paperwork much quicker when an individual comes for support. As a new start up non-profit our funds are minimal and we do the beat we can with contributing as we continue to grow receiving these has taken an enormous financial strain off of the PSRCS team. We look forward to continuing our work effectively and efficiently with these. Without this service many non-profit organizations would not have the necessary equipment. Their kind, courteous initiative impacts many in a wonderful ways. ERA takes unwanted electronics so that they can refurbish the devices and help to recycling for an impact to give back to charities. We cannot thank you enough! If you're organization needs support or has devices you no longer need then reach out them at

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