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Mental Health Week

It is National Mental Health Week May 2 to 8 2022 and we are kicking it off with self care tips!

The one thing we all truly need and we always put it on the back burner because .... well life!

Whether it's work, kids, appointments or emergencies we all too often put everything else first.

Doing this can cause us as caregivers to decline in physical, emotional and mental health.

Here are some simple things you can do keep yourself in good mental health.

• Meditation

• Quiet bath

• Coffee date

• Short walk

• Crafting

• Reading

• Yoga

• Talk to someone

These can all be as little as fifteen minutes a day or as long as you would like. The point is to do something, anything for you that fills your cup and makes you feel good.

If you are in need of support, resources or just someone to have there for you please reach out.

Do not forget about you! You are just as important as everyone and everything else.

You cannot help or care for others unless you care for yourself!

Parent’s Survival Team


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