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How We Got Here

There’s a little bit of universal energy, a splash of chaos and a bond over having children who need a little extra love along the way in life.

It all began somewhere around a decade ago. Both of us headed back for better education very few friends and no family. So what did we bond over? The simple answer kids and trying find a way to better support them through the system knowing they needed extra to make it.

Through this and many years of trial and tribulations we have grown, learnt and come together to help others and each other. We have worked with each others kids, spent hours crying on the phone and swapped children at our hardest times.

Now we are here to tell you those gut feelings that you know are there and never go away. They aren’t wrong and it can hard to navigate and advocate what you feel is right.

So many are ridiculed, turned away and flat out ignored about their gut feelings.

Just remember a parents intuition is nearly always right. Push, speak up and keep going until you are satisfied with your answers.

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