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April Is Adrenal Awareness Month

It’s Jessica’s birthday month. There’s no better way to start my birthday off than by supporting an amazing cause!

Adrenal Awareness Month kicked off on April 1st, and we are going to be sharing as much as we can through Adrenal Alternatives Foundation.

They are about to launch just a new store. Watch for our share or their page for opening day!

100% of all proceeds will go to foundation programs to support advocacy and access to all cortisol care. A little bit about them and what Adrenal Deficiency is below.

Adrenal Deficiency Syndrome is also known as Addison's Disease is when a body does not produce enough of certain hormones. The adrenal glands, located above your kidneys, produce too little cortisol and, often, too little aldosterone.

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is dedicated to providing advocacy and access to all cortisol care options when traditional steroids have failed.

Learn more via their facebook or website

We have been graciously invited to be a part of their webinar series that will be hosted throughout the month. We will be talking about Being Your Best Advocate and what that can look like.

Love Julia & Jessica

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