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50 Ideas for Acts of Kindness

  1. Go for a hike and pick up litter along the way.

  2. Share your favorite artists' work on social media.

  3. Visit your local museums.

  4. Stop stereotypes. Write a short story that breaks that way of thinking.

  5. Learn about different cultures.

  6. Buy fruit that is in funny shapes and overripe, and make smoothies out of them.

  7. Have a balcony or a small backyard? Plant a garden and grow some of your own vegetables.

  8. Bring popsicles to a park on a hot day.

  9. Take a shorter shower to conserve water.

  10. Clean out your closet and donate some items.

  11. Resolve to use less plastic and be more conscious about recycling.

  12. Spread awareness about ways to stop global warming.

  13. Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts.

  14. Donate a few toys you don't use anymore.

  15. Cheer up a friend in need of cheering up.

  16. Compliment 5 people today.

  17. Do a chore for someone without them knowing.

  18. Help make dinner.

  19. Make a card for someone special.

  20. Tell someone why they are important to you.

  21. Thank the lunchroom staff.

  22. Ask someone playing alone to play with you.

  23. Clean your room without being asked.

  24. Hold the door for someone.

  25. Let someone go ahead of you in line.

  26. Make bookmarks and leave them at the library.

  27. Read a book to a Kindergartener.

  28. Sit with someone new at lunch.

  29. Write kind messages in chalk in your neighborhood.

  30. Create a little free pantry in your neighborhood.

  31. Send three cheerful postcards to people who won't be expecting it.

  32. Give a compliment to everyone you meet today.

  33. Forgive someone.

  34. Donate three things you never use.

  35. Gift a book to someone.

  36. Call someone to talk to them rather than texting.

  37. Serve a snack to a delivery person.

  38. Post something positive on Social Media.

  39. Go to the local library and put kind notes inside some books.

  40. Take fewer napkins when ordering takeout.

  41. Eat less meat.

  42. Recycle used paper and go paperless where possible.

  43. Help make dinner.

  44. Leave a kind note for your teacher or principal.

  45. Make cards for hospitalized kids.

  46. Paint rocks with kind messages and leave them all over town.

  47. Help your teacher with something.

  48. Smile at everyone you see today.

  49. Walk a neighbor's dog.

  50. Teach someone something new.

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