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Nearly One In Four Albertans Over The Age Of 15 Are Caregivers.


Caregiving can be supporting a loved one by:

  • Providing around-the-clock, in-home care

  • Taking a loved one to appointments

  • Delivering groceries, and helping with household chores and maintenance

  • Navigating the healthcare system

  • Providing personal care and administering medication

  • Being a source of emotional support and companionship

You're Not Alone

Parent’s  Survival Resource & Connection Society (also known as PSRCS) works to Empower, Connect, Guide, and Improve the well-being / mental health of the many people affected by disabilities & their caregivers. Equipping each person with the necessary skills, resources, and tailored help they need to thrive.

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A Community Of Support 

 The support of these amazing people make our work & vision possible. 

Will you join a community
that helps the community.

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Santa's Drops Toy & Food Drive (1).png
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